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Joey Robinson for Congress

About Joey

Joey Robinson is excited to announce his candidacy for election to the United States House of Representatives.  He will run as the Libertarian Party’s candidate for Mississippi’s Fourth District.  Joey  is a Gulfport native and is the son of Judy Robinson and grandson of Grover (Mac) and Bobbie Magee.  Joey was educated in the Gulfport School District, graduating from Gulfport High School in 2001.  Joey attended college at the University of South Alabama in Mobile where he was a member of the Mortar Board senior honor society and served as President of the Student Government Association.  After graduating, Joey moved back to Gulfport and married Jamie Carlow of Biloxi.  Together they have made their home on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and have 2 rambunctious young boys, Joseph and Jakob.  Joey currently works as a sales consultant in the healthcare industry and Jamie is a Nurse Practitioner with Singing River Health.  Joey is an avid fisherman and sports enthusiast but most enjoys participating in activities with his sons.

Joey is a candidate you can be proud of; he believes strongly in the need to reduce wasteful federal spending and to protect the rights and freedoms of each American.  He recently founded The March to Reclaim Our Country, an organization aimed at raising awareness for fiscal responsibility and the protection of civil liberties. Joey believes that the time has come to stop sending career politicians to Washington.   Joey Robinson desires to work toward sending real people to the Capitol City who will craft workable solutions for our great nation.

– Joey Robinson for Congress

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Joey Robinson for Congress


About Joey — 5 Comments

  1. Great to see young people who know the government is too big!!
    All the best to you and yours!!

  2. I found and liked your facebook page but am not allowed to voice my opinion, why is that? One of the reasons I voted against Palazzo was that he refused to allow dissenting opinions on his facebook page no matter how polite they were are you going to be the same way?

    • Kristina,
      There shouldn’t be anything blocking you from replying on my facebook page, I try and keep it open to everyone regardless of their views. As long as things are polite I have no objection- thanks! joey

  3. Hi
    An acquaintance gave, sent, me your link. I am more of an Anarchist than Libertarian. I believe that no human, or human institution, should have absolute authority over any human. Governments, an institution, feel that they are more aware than the humans they are supposed to serve. Governments are supposed to accommodate the needs of society not dictate how society is supposed to function. If diversity is the key to our existence than the different social orders or societies should be allowed to exist. Another point would be the fact that the bureaucracy of un-elected officials is where the battle lies. Our elected officials have only 3 objectives;
    1) to be reelected
    2) to say what is needed to raise the funds
    3) to say what is needed to get the votes

    I do not want to offend you but that is my summation of my perspective of political reality.
    I would like to participate in your campaign for the simple fact that we exist with only one party in this country. Even given the 2 classifications those in charge do not care.
    George Washington said in his Inaugural address that Parties are not the way to go. Each representative should be concerned about the issue, not how the party feels. In addition if we eliminate appendages to laws and state that no appendage can be attached to a law unless it is DIRECTLY related to that law we could eliminate a lot of problems and put elected officials back in charge, instead of the elites of each party.

  4. Hello,
    My name is Bob Knudsen, I write for Examiner.com. I’m doing a series of interviews of candidates in the 2014 elections, with a special emphasis on third party candidates. If you are interested in participating please let me know and we can schedule a phone conversation to do so.