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  1. Steve Palazo voted to cut my military pension.Gene Taylor as a Democrat in Congress voted for Nancy Pelosi as House Majority Leader there for he voted for Obamacare. Thad Cochran voted in the last Obamacare vote not to appeal Obamacare. Please send me a sign so I can display it in my front yard. I am voting for Tea Party Canidates. Joey Robinson and Chris Mc Daniels. Robert C. Hall Sr. 1012 Shirley Drive Gulfport, MS 39503 Where is your office on the coast located so I can stop by fort support?

  2. Please tell members of the Libertarian Party of Mississippi for their help in Chris McDaniels Recount. Tyranny from Thad Cochran’s Csmpaigne has been Perpratrated on Mississippi Voters!