I believe strongly in the need to put the focus on job creation first. 

The United States of America has one of the highest corporate tax rates in the world.  This excessive taxation puts a tremendous strain on companies to continue to operate here.  We need to replace the current tax laws and work towards being a more job friendly environment.  By doing these things we will encourage more corporations to operate here and in turn spur the creation of jobs.  By putting the citizens of this great country back to work we allow them to support their families and themselves and to naturally stimulate the economy.


I want to put an end to excessive government spending and pork filled legislation.

In order to return our country to one of fiscal responsibility we need to first balance the federal budget.  Doing this will require a complete review of current spending habits and a reduction in areas that are excessive and unnecessary.  We need to put an end to the habit of attaching millions upon millions of tax payer dollars to legislation in an attempt to pay for things this country simply cannot afford.  We need people in congress who will be responsible with your tax dollars and spend it on things essential to our operation.


We need to take care of Americans First!

For far too long our country has filled the role of world police, and has intervened in the issues of other countries.  These unnecessary entanglements have cost our country countless dollars and more importantly countless lives.  We have made a point to try and aide others when the home front has been in peril.  It is time to withdraw in the meddling of affairs that are not our own and return our attention to solving problems in the states.  It is not until we restore our own economy and trust in the Federal government that we can begin outreach to assist problem plagued countries.  We need to return the focus of Washington’s attention to our home, The United States.


I believe in the protection and preservation of our Constitution

When our founding fathers fled persecution and fought so intently to establish this country they laid out for us a set of acknowledgements.  These documents include the creation of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.  Millions of lives have been laid down to protect the freedoms enjoyed by our country and we need people in congress who will work to preserve those rights and limit the power of the government to necessary operation only.  The freedoms and liberties granted to us by the constitution represent the rights bestowed upon all members of this free land and should not be stripped from us nor trampled on.